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It is necessary to submit dissertation or thesis paper for the confirmation for masters or PhD degree and research methodology is the chapter of high importance for the students to do the paper in the right manner. Therefore, the students need proficient dissertation research methodology help so that they can get definite success in their papers and in order to do so, the students have to gain knowledge of methodology chapter writing guidelines.

Best Guidelines About How To Write Dissertation Research Methodology Chapter

Methodology chapter comes after the literature review, in which you have to highlight methodology and research design which you will adopt in the process of conducting the research. Your research design can be of different types as it can be;

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Or a mixture of both types

In general, the students use a mixture of both types. Keep in mind that the method which you are going to choose must have the following qualities.

  • According to the topic you have chosen, your approach must be hypothetical.
  • All of the research questions need to be answered in a logical manner.
  • You must give proper references of all the processes you go through during your research work.

This chapter is the third part of dissertation or thesis writing process and it is surely considered very tough by many of the students and it is good to deal with this demanding areas first. It is important to know that each and every part of your paper writing is linked with another part in some way. If you are able to solve the sophisticated areas first, you become able to handle the paper in the best manner.

Before you start writing this chapter, you need to pass through a challenging phase of addressing different questions. These questions will determine the aptitude you possess related to the research topic you have opted for. The different questions can be as follows;

  • Which is the specific field that you want to specialize and the reasons behind it?
  • What different issues can accompany a research work and what challenges you might face?
  • What will be the different resources of your research work and how are you going to manage your data?

These are quite simple questions and can be answered easily but it all depends on the methods you have adopted to represent your research work in form of dissertation writing. You can use a wide range of resource to meet the demands for information as there are books, internet, etc. that can help you throughout the process.

In your writing, give proper headings and use all the instructions that are provided by your university for writing this important chapter. To help yourself in a better way, you can go through different dissertation research methodology examples and come up with a clear set of mind. You can even ask your seniors or those students who have completed their projects before. The dissertation research methodology samples can be the best help for you.

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Once you complete the required segments, you can show the work to your advisor and get the feedback. This will help in making any changing and improving it form time to time in order to meet the required standards.

There are a few things that you will do on your own, but it does not mean that you can not take help form different sources; you must explore all of the possibilities and come up with the best work. The chapter must be free from any errors and you can proofread and edit it twice r thrice and place information in the best possible manner. If you find some errors, it will not leave a nice impression on the adviser and the whole efforts will come crumbling down as you exposed the material to possible criticism. So state clearly all of the reasons that forced you to adopt a certain methodology for using for your selected dissertation topic. This will involve serious hard work and dedication to meet your future goals and secure a bright future.


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